Dinner Party Halloween Style!

I love, love, love Halloween! Last year at this time I was a bridesmaid in my beautiful sister-in-laws wedding! It was fantastic. FULL of Halloween spirit, right down to the candy center-pieces!

I love the crisp air, the tricker-treaters, and the way my family friendly neighborhood is filled with children. Love every moment.

This year I got together with a few of my favs to plan a spooooky Halloween dinner party! I have my craft hat on and I am ready to bring it!

While surfin’ (you guessed it) Martha Stewart’s fab site, I came across a few of these ideas….she calls them “Fast and Fearsome Crafts”…. oh Martha, how you inspire me.

Image from: Martha Stewart

Yes ma’am, trying this one over the weekend! Want to know how? Click here! And here’s the template!

Image from: Martha Stewart

How cool is this? Totally wrapping my bottles for dinner!

Image from: Martha Stewart

Now if you have read my blog over on A Million Little Details, you would know that I have a slight obsession with branches! So, naturally, I love this one! Possibilities are endless….. think of the colour combos, the embellishments… the over the top decor!

Wish me luck as I venture into the crafting world this weekend! Gonna give a few of these a try! Photos to follow. Happy Halloween!


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