Mason Jar Cupcakes!

The Mason jar cupcake is a D.I.Y. idea I came across over on Cakies blog last year! Ever since I laid eyes on this fab idea I have dreamt about giving it a go! So here we are!

With the help of my wonderful sister-in-law I created these scrumptious desserts in a jar for Thanksgiving this year and they were an absolute hit! There are endless possibilities when it comes to this dessert and with my new found love of Mason jar yumminess I am sure to explore further and share along the way! Do I hear Christmas favours?? I think so!

Here are a few photos my talented sis captured!

Want to give it a try? Here’s how!

1. Bake your cupcakes (following the instructions on the box) WITHOUT cupcake holders. Note: be sure to grease your pan for easy release.

2. Once your cupcakes have cooled, cut the top off leaving just the stump. Place the tops to the side for now.

3. Place (squeeze) the stump of your cupcake into the bottom of your Mason jar.

4. With a piping bag and extra large tip, pipe in a generous amount of icing (I prefer whipped) onto the top of the cupcake stump.

5. Sprinkle in a layer of mini chocolate chips and an additional layer of Skor bits **YUM**

6. Pipe in another layer of icing.

7. Take your cupcake top (that you placed to the side earlier) and cut into small pieces.

8. Place the pieces on top of your freshly piped layer of icing.

9. Top off your Mason jar cupcake with one final layer of piped icing, adding a pretty swirl!

10. Screw on your Mason jar lid.

11. Finish off this fab dessert in jar with a personalized label and pretty embellishments of your choice!

Want to know more? Ask away!


4 thoughts on “Mason Jar Cupcakes!

  1. i would like to send this to iraq how long does the frosting last??? it takes 14 days for my hubby to get his packages..? do you have to send the frosting seperate

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