Spicin’ Up The Scene with drop it MODERN!

Happy December everyone! I’m totally in the Christmas spirit and am so absolutely positively friggin’ excited for the new year! 2010 was full of blessings (and more blessings to come…. Madison hurry your little tush up!) and I have a feeling that 2011 is going to be full of even more surprises!

I had a friend on Facebook- ok well acquaintance… but aren’t we all friends on Facebook?…. any how… she is getting hitched in the new year and wanted to know where she could find a reasonably priced photo booth in the area. Well being the “Oh my god let me just give you every idea under the sun” type of personality… I went on to tell her all about a company called drop it MODERN.

Seriously… since I stumbled over these gorgeous backdrops I’ve been obsessed! Perfect for some photo booth fun at your next event, spicin’ up your photo sessions or snapping a beautiful holiday card!

How much fun would your guests have in front of one of these puppies… hands full of amusing props and thought bubbles? Um yes… I am thinking better than being crammed in an actual photo booth!


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