A Very Zangrando Christmas!

Success! We got through out very first Christmas dinner! Upside down turkey and all!

We had a blast putting it all together…. and even stayed in budget! I wanted to bring together the natural look and feel of  wood, by using the burlap runner, with the contrasting metallic silver and vibrant red. I love contrasting materials and the warmth it gives to any room. We wanted the ability to use our downstairs as the appetizer/dessert/cocktail area. So we took the dinner setting upstairs into one of our larger spare rooms! It worked out wonderfully with plenty of room for all to enjoy and a large empty canvas for me to pull everything together!

I wanted to add a bit of a personal touch to each place setting. So off to Michael’s I went. As a D.I.Yourselfer I thought what better way to welcome everyone into our home by sending them off with their own Christmas ornament. These worked for two particular reasons 1. it let us pre-arrange the seating, and 2. it was a way for everyone to remember our first Christmas celebration for many years to come. Cheesy… yes… but that’s me! :)

Please note: I am not a photographer…. as I am sure you can tell!


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