Happy St. Patty’s Day!

I love when my hubby asks for me to make something special for him…. so last night when he requested some special St. Patty’s day cupcakes for him and his work buddies (this is why I love him… he just does what he does… no questions asked) I couldn’t say no!

Here is a pic of my family-fav rolled sprinkle cupcakes! There isn’t a family event without these puppies in tow!

Happy St. Patty’s Day everyone!! ♥


Party Planning 5 x 5 Style!

So Mike and I took a well needed vacation to Quebec this past January to ski the beautiful hills of Mount Tremblant with my sister Crystal (A Million Little Details) and her beau Jer-bear!

While there Jer turned the big 2-8! So what would two party lovers do while on vacation in a 5 x 5 kitchen? Well plan a fab-tab party of course!! It was a ton of fun and here are the photos to prove it.

We had a blast…. and most importantly the boys enjoyed it as well!

A little inside joke….. hehe

Source: Crystal Clear Imagery

And here’s Mike and I enjoying an evening of skating!

A Very Zangrando Christmas!

Success! We got through out very first Christmas dinner! Upside down turkey and all!

We had a blast putting it all together…. and even stayed in budget! I wanted to bring together the natural look and feel of  wood, by using the burlap runner, with the contrasting metallic silver and vibrant red. I love contrasting materials and the warmth it gives to any room. We wanted the ability to use our downstairs as the appetizer/dessert/cocktail area. So we took the dinner setting upstairs into one of our larger spare rooms! It worked out wonderfully with plenty of room for all to enjoy and a large empty canvas for me to pull everything together!

I wanted to add a bit of a personal touch to each place setting. So off to Michael’s I went. As a D.I.Yourselfer I thought what better way to welcome everyone into our home by sending them off with their own Christmas ornament. These worked for two particular reasons 1. it let us pre-arrange the seating, and 2. it was a way for everyone to remember our first Christmas celebration for many years to come. Cheesy… yes… but that’s me! :)

Please note: I am not a photographer…. as I am sure you can tell!

Newest Addition: Madison Noelle Bogle!

Yes, indeed…. I have been M.I.A for a few days now, but for good reason! I had to get in loads of cuddle time with our new niece Madison Noelle! She is absolutely beautiful and we couldn’t be happier to welcome her into our lives right before the best time of year!

And since Mike and I are holding our very first Christmas dinner this year…. I am even more excited to have Madison join the family fun! Love her to death already.

Just look at this sweet little face! ♥

Family shot after a long night!

First time Auntie and Uncle!

Celebrating Madison’s birthday with a couple Pink Bling martinis!

Rue Mag + Jingle Girl Rock

I am off of work for a few days on some well deserved me time! Loving every moment so far. Today I sat back and took in the newest issue of Rue….. Holiday issue!!

I love this time of year…..especially this year! Mike and I are holding our very first Christmas dinner at our home! I have been planning for this all year! This issue of Rue has inspired me a whole lot more! Heart you Rue!

Check out the Jingle Girl Rock spread… Ek! It makes me wanna turn back the clock and party like it’s 1959! :)

This issue is a MUST read! Be inspired…..