Details I’m Loving Right Now…

I come across 100’s a day…. but here are just a few I love at this moment.

From top to bottom:

{Sloan Photographers} Ribbon Canopy

{P is for Party} Ribbon Backdrop

{The Sweetest Occasion} Ruffle Garland

{Edyta Szsyszlo Photography} Pop-up Invites

{Chandelier Events} Rose Monogram


Tori Spelling: Designer Extraordinaire!

My love for all things Tori started back a few years ago. I believe it was around the time she had just hit it big on her reality show Tori & Dean: Inn Love!

Tori has impeccable taste when it comes to throwing a fab-tab party! I had a blast watching Tori explore the art of event design via her reality shows… and I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am to watch Tori & Dean tackle the world of wedding planning on their newest venture Tori & Dean sTORIbook Weddings this Spring.

So what would an event enthusiast/Hollywood Mom do to celebrate little Liam’s 4th birthday this past weekend? Well throw a huge Ghostbusters themed bash of course!

Love the details! Tori posted these pics on her Twitter page!

I’m already starting to feel sorry for my Mike… I have a feeling there is going to be a lot of paint, paper and helium in his Daddy days to come…

Party Planning 5 x 5 Style!

So Mike and I took a well needed vacation to Quebec this past January to ski the beautiful hills of Mount Tremblant with my sister Crystal (A Million Little Details) and her beau Jer-bear!

While there Jer turned the big 2-8! So what would two party lovers do while on vacation in a 5 x 5 kitchen? Well plan a fab-tab party of course!! It was a ton of fun and here are the photos to prove it.

We had a blast…. and most importantly the boys enjoyed it as well!

A little inside joke….. hehe

Source: Crystal Clear Imagery

And here’s Mike and I enjoying an evening of skating!

The Most Ridiculous Wedding Event Ever 2!

Most of you reading this right now know that I am very fond of the incredibly talented Mrs. Mindy Weiss. She is the go-to gal for all things wedding…. and has planned some of the most extraordinary events throughout the U.S.

She was the brains behind a few of my fav celeb weddings; Jessica Simpson, Hilary Duff, Ashlee Simpson, Pink …. just to name a few! Seriously… check out her client list! She’s incredible… and I follow her every move. She’s sorta my Martha in the wedding and event planning world!

For the past two years Mindy and friends have shared their incredible talents with wedding enthusiasts and brides-to-be via The Most Ridiculous Wedding Event Ever! It’s insane! Mindy gathers the who’s who from the wedding industry for boot camps, workshops and an over-the-top parties…

My mission is to attend #3 next year! Seriously…. it’s my goal! For a few years now I have wanted to take a trip back to California, and now I have the perfect reason! :)

Here are some photos from The Most Ridiculous Wedding Event Ever 2 that took place this past month! Enjoy….!

OK… did you see that cereal in a mason jar?! So simple… and absolutely adorable!

Mindy is my inspiration… and has been for many years! Check out her blog and start obsessing…

Rue Mag + Jingle Girl Rock

I am off of work for a few days on some well deserved me time! Loving every moment so far. Today I sat back and took in the newest issue of Rue….. Holiday issue!!

I love this time of year…..especially this year! Mike and I are holding our very first Christmas dinner at our home! I have been planning for this all year! This issue of Rue has inspired me a whole lot more! Heart you Rue!

Check out the Jingle Girl Rock spread… Ek! It makes me wanna turn back the clock and party like it’s 1959! :)

This issue is a MUST read! Be inspired…..

Rue Magazine: Your Pathway to Stylish Living!

Ok….. so I came across this insanely addictive online mag a few months ago and I am patiently awaiting the newest issue to be launched in the next couple of weeks! Rue Magazine is dripping with jaw dropping over-the-top ideas when it comes to your home, your closet and throwing your next shindig! Read it once and I promise you will love it!

Check out the spread Rue featured on the two-year anniversary party for— side note: is also a MUST SEE! Ahhhh it makes me smile and want to max out my credit card! EK!

Here’s the spread from Rue….. um can you say FUN?!

Read, read, read….. :)

Dinner Party Halloween Style!

I love, love, love Halloween! Last year at this time I was a bridesmaid in my beautiful sister-in-laws wedding! It was fantastic. FULL of Halloween spirit, right down to the candy center-pieces!

I love the crisp air, the tricker-treaters, and the way my family friendly neighborhood is filled with children. Love every moment.

This year I got together with a few of my favs to plan a spooooky Halloween dinner party! I have my craft hat on and I am ready to bring it!

While surfin’ (you guessed it) Martha Stewart’s fab site, I came across a few of these ideas….she calls them “Fast and Fearsome Crafts”…. oh Martha, how you inspire me.

Image from: Martha Stewart

Yes ma’am, trying this one over the weekend! Want to know how? Click here! And here’s the template!

Image from: Martha Stewart

How cool is this? Totally wrapping my bottles for dinner!

Image from: Martha Stewart

Now if you have read my blog over on A Million Little Details, you would know that I have a slight obsession with branches! So, naturally, I love this one! Possibilities are endless….. think of the colour combos, the embellishments… the over the top decor!

Wish me luck as I venture into the crafting world this weekend! Gonna give a few of these a try! Photos to follow. Happy Halloween!