It’s here, it’s here!

Ta-da! It’s finally here! The Professional BC Wedding Awards was featured in a two page spread in The Complete Wedding Directory 2011!  And being an official judge for the coolest award show in BC I got to be apart of this sweet little feature!

Check it out! Pretty cool!


Marshmallow World!

This makes my heart smile! Wow… I am sooo inspired! Here is the video to go along with Rue’s Jingle Girl Rock spread…… ahhhhhh Christmas…. how I love thee….

Click on the link!

Rue Mag + Jingle Girl Rock

I am off of work for a few days on some well deserved me time! Loving every moment so far. Today I sat back and took in the newest issue of Rue….. Holiday issue!!

I love this time of year…..especially this year! Mike and I are holding our very first Christmas dinner at our home! I have been planning for this all year! This issue of Rue has inspired me a whole lot more! Heart you Rue!

Check out the Jingle Girl Rock spread… Ek! It makes me wanna turn back the clock and party like it’s 1959! :)

This issue is a MUST read! Be inspired…..

Rue Magazine: Your Pathway to Stylish Living!

Ok….. so I came across this insanely addictive online mag a few months ago and I am patiently awaiting the newest issue to be launched in the next couple of weeks! Rue Magazine is dripping with jaw dropping over-the-top ideas when it comes to your home, your closet and throwing your next shindig! Read it once and I promise you will love it!

Check out the spread Rue featured on the two-year anniversary party for— side note: is also a MUST SEE! Ahhhh it makes me smile and want to max out my credit card! EK!

Here’s the spread from Rue….. um can you say FUN?!

Read, read, read….. :)